How many hours does a 18650 battery last?

18650 battery

The 18650 battery is known as the lithium-ion battery that can be rechargeable. As you might not know, Lithium-ion batteries are revolutionizing handheld devices. Batteries are in everything from our smartphones and cameras to microdisplays, gym equipment, and flashlights, of course.

As battery technology has flourished, 18650 battery products, once reserved for manufacturers, have found their way to consumers. However, the new kind of lithium batteries is not completely standardized like the AA rechargeable batteries you might find in supermarkets.

You have to make sure that you buy the 18650 rechargeable battery for the right purpose and function. Today’s article about How many hours does a 18650 battery last? will give you more useful information about this 18650 battery.

What is the 18650 battery?

The 18650 battery is one of the most famous rechargeable batteries these days that uses Li-ion technology. The 18650 rechargeable battery is very popular in the world of flashlights, which is used for most high-quality flashlight products on the market.

A 18650 battery often has a voltage of 3.7V, a diameter of 1.8cm and a length of 6.5cm. These specific parameters you can see right on the battery cover.

The weight of the battery is also very light at only about 30g. It is because of the popularity of 18650 batteries that it is considered the king of rechargeable batteries.

It is considered as the standard model of modern batteries, is widely used in industry and has also been improved into cell batteries that are used to make backup batteries, phone batteries, and personal computer batteries.

The meaning of the number “18650”

What is the 18650 number meaning? Why is this popular battery product not named as a nicer name but rather a meaningless number?

Looking at the number “18650”, some people might think it seems pointless, but it is an extremely simple explanation. The standard size of a 18650 rechargeable battery is 18mm in diameter and 650mm in length.

Combining these two numbers means you have the battery product name in question. Basically, the size of the battery can be relative, but according to the standard size, “diameter 1.8cm” and length “6.5cm” are taken as the product name officially.

How long do 18560 batteries last?

Battery life is generally calculated based on battery operating time. For some disposable battery models, the battery life is the number of hours the battery operates.

As for a rechargeable battery model such as a 18650 battery, the service life is calculated based on the number of charge cycles. In other words, the discharging and discharging of the 18650 battery is about 500 times.

However, this number is only relative. It also depends on many other factors such as battery operating temperature, battery charger quality, how the user preserves it….

For example, products that use batteries with a high frequency of continuous operation will also have a shorter life span than batteries used for low-power flashlight products. Batteries that are charged with a good charger will also be more durable than batteries that use poor quality chargers.

Basically, a 18650 battery has a protection circuit attached, which should make it safer. In other words, there is a layer of heat-shrinking paper covering the outside and integrating the circuit at the terminal.

This is also a way to ensure the safety of the 18650 battery. It is this layer that makes the 18650 battery thinker a few millimeters.

In addition to the protection circuit, 18650 rechargeable battery needs to be used effectively, the way to charge 18650 battery is also important to increase safety and product life.

Some major manufacturers of 18650 batteries

There are many manufacturers of 18650 rechargeable batteries, but there are big brands such as Panasonic (Sanyo), LG chemical, Samsung SDI, Sony Energy Devices.

Top Chinese manufacturers include Tianjin Lishen Battery, SHENZHEN BAK BATTERY (this company is closely associated with the giant Samsung), Beijing Easpring Material Technology and Pulead Technology.

In the flashlight world, the 18650 battery with Sanyo’s cell has always been the most trusted. After Panasonic acquired Sanyo,  Panasonic retained Sanyo’s rechargeable battery and sold the electronic section to Haier.

Panasonic 18650 batteries are probably the most popular for the flashlight market. You might not know that Flashlight companies often buy industrial batteries, stick protective circuits, and heat shrink paper, then package them under their labels.

For example, KeepPower, which specializes in supplying Li-ion batteries. The 18650 battery version of the company is actually a Panasonic (Sanyo) battery that is repacked in circuit and wrapping.

Final words

Now, you have known How many hours does a 18650 battery last. Since the early 20th century, Li-ion battery technology has made great strides, making batteries safer, more efficient and more durable.

However, the risk of fire and explosion cannot be underestimated. You have to follow the instruction of the manufacturer to last the 18650 battery life longer.